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Icy Fruit Sampler Pack

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Icy Fruit Sampler Pack (7 Fragrances): This sample pack gives you an opportunity to try out our line of Icy Fragrances. 

1. Icy Apple 
2. Icy Blueberry 
3. Icy Peach 
4. Icy Pineapple 
5. Icy Strawberry 
6. Icy Tangerine 
7. Icy Raspberry

This pack is intended as a sampler. If you would like to order any of the above fragrances in larger quantities you may use the search feature located at the top of this page. Please note the product specifications and benchmarks on each individual oil, this page does not reflect any usage information. No substitution fragrances.

Great savings! 1/2 ounce size in the Extreme concentration includes a built in 10% discount.